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Zzoko is an expert marketplace that brings top experts from India
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Bharath Jain

Founder & CEO, Zzoko

About Us

We all have realized the potential of the digital world. Today, most of us tend to look for online solutions to our problems, including health, money, business or even personality. Rather than going for in-person physical advisory, we prefer virtual solutions, as they offer greater versatility in terms of options and even location. However, the advisory and consulting industry has several gaps that lead to experts not finding clients and clients not finding the appropriate expert to resolve their concerns. Zzoko aims to bridge these gaps and offer an opportunity to both groups.

Zzoko is a marketplace for experts from 40+ categories to help you with anything from startups, health, finance, wedding, to even career and travel. We help individuals, groups, corporates, students, and businesses to hire experts/consultants with confidence and trust.

What is Zzoko ?

We are changing the current Expert consultation industry

How we do it?

Zzoko offers a complete advisory(consulting) solution. You get to take 1:1 and 1:many sessions on one platform. We are using a radically new approach to the commoditization of consultancy. We have verified Experts on our platform, with whom users can schedule appointments at their convenience. The platform allows users and Experts to communicate via an intuitive digital interface that is simple and secure. With Zzoko, users get a wide range of options to connect to the perfect Expert, and the Experts get an opportunity to earn as per the convenience of their calendar.
The best part is, there is no location and time restriction. Consultation can be done, anywhere and anytime.

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